Handmade Shopping

Consumers are drawn toward handmade products for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the desire to obtain something unique that did not come off an assembly line. Making human connections is one major reason why handmade goods have an allure for many buyers. Virginia-based Tasha McKelvey creates small-scale handmade ceramics, specifically, decorative and functional keepsakes inspired by the natural world. “My clay work is intended to be useful. This is art that is meant to be touch

Fleets Use Risk Management Strategies That Emphasize Training, Technology

[Stay on top of transportation news: Get TTNews in your inbox.] Professional drivers face a multitude of potential risks every minute their trucks are out on the road. In an era of nuclear verdicts, fleets are finding it essential to maintain an effective risk management strategy to help protect the safety of their employees and the motoring public while also shielding their businesses from liability. The purpose of a risk management strategy is to manage — and mitigate — potential risks. This

Lake Cumberland Marina Rebuilds After a Series of Devastating Events

A trifecta of natural disasters struck the Conley Bottom Resort, which straddles Lake Cumberland in Monticello, Kentucky, between February and May of 2019. A flood raised the water to over 740 feet, the highest level it’s ever been, wiping out everything in the campground, from the electric to the bathhouse. Then in April, a severe windstorm blew through the area, tearing up some trusses and slips. And on May 20, just days before Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of boating season,

Mrs. Maisel’s marvelous accessories come from Pittsburgh

Scott Johnson did not set out to be a resource for Hollywood costume designers when he opened his shop, Three Rivers Vintage, seven years ago. But after getting a call from the Pittsburgh-based Netflix crime thriller “Mindhunter” to provide ’70s and ’80s apparel, word spread about his 1,200-square-foot store, located on South Side’s Carson Street, and it’s now on the radar of other film and TV crews. So when “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” came calling, Johnson knew he could come through. The peri

Broken Dreams

Insomnia is a common disorder that can be managed with lifestyle changes and supplementation. Sleep, elusive sleep. We all need it and we all crave it, so why is it so difficult for some people to fall asleep and/or stay asleep? There are lots of reasons why people may experience the occasional inability to sleep, not the least of which is stress and an overactive brain, but for some others, insomnia is a nightly affair. Chronic insomnia can raise your risk for other health issues, so it is ess

Paint & Decorating November 2020 Page 36

Across the Spectrum How Color-Matching Tools Can Help You Help Customers By Hilary Daninhirsch Y ou’ve probably heard a variation of the following request from dozens of customers: “I would like my living room walls to exactly match this couch cushion.” Long before technology assisted in the color-matching process, paint retailers would simply eyeball the pillow and create a paint color based on what they saw with their naked eyes. The problem is that everyone sees color a bit differently. Plus,

Contactless Delivery, Safety Precautions Accelerate Adoption of Electronic Bills of Lading

[Ensure you have all the info you need in these unprecedented times. Subscribe now.] Fleets and shippers have been taking extra precautions to help protect the professional truck drivers who have been serving on the front lines of the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from implementing general sanitation and social distancing measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, many trucking companies and their customers have moved forward with technologies such as electronic bills o

RETAIL: The Landscape of Changes

Normalcy is out the window in 2020. While some scientists may have called it, most people did not expect to be dealing with a global pandemic this year. Apart from the devastating virus affecting millions, it also wreaked havoc with the American economy, particularly as non-essential retailers were ordered to shutter their doors during several months of quarantine. Even though those quarantine orders gradually began to lift, the short and long-term effects of the forced closures upon retailers

Socially Distanced Layouts

During the COVID-19 closures, many boutiques began brainstorming creative ideas for keeping both brides and stylists healthy once they received the green light to reopen. While common safety measures include requiring masks, steam cleaning dresses in between appointments, limiting the number of guests, staggering appointments and providing complimentary sanitizer, many salons have also been compelled to reimagine and reconfigure their use of space for merchandising purposes. Following are si

Pain Reaction

No matter how one experiences or describes it, no one likes to be in pain. Pain is an inflammatory response that sends a signal to your nervous system that something is not right. And while some inflammation in the body is normal and provides protection from infections or toxins, too much inflammation can lead to widespread, long-lasting pain. Regardless of its etiology, chronic pain is, unfortunately, a fact of life for many people. Sometimes, pain can be acute, such as a result of a short-te

Conquering Anxiety and Social Isolation in the Coronavirus Era | AcuAtlanta Store News

It is an understatement to say that the coronavirus outbreak has made all of our lives interesting. None of us have lived through a pandemic of this magnitude. The earth, it seems, has stopped spinning. We are at a standstill. Events are canceled or postponed. Non-essential businesses are shut down. High school seniors have to forego their proms and graduations. Dream trips to Europe have been canceled. Even a trip to the beach is no longer allowed. Food and job insecurity are real concerns, as

Remodeled home features beauty and brains

Rodolfo and Mila Ballesteros’ 1990s home in Cheval is a fusion of art and smart…technology, that is. Rodolfo, a long-time art collector, installed a smart home system that helps make the home energy efficient while allowing him to control the lighting to accentuate his art pieces. But before they moved in and installed the most up-to-date smart technology, the couple made significant changes and upgrades to the interior of the home. A modern design aesthetic The original house was outdated an

Self Storage: Everyone Wants a Piece of the Pie

Kris Bennett earned his real estate license in 2007 with the intention of entering the residential sector. Then, the Great Recession of 2008 happened, which was a less-than-ideal time to be in real estate, to say the least. But after going back to school, Bennett landed an internship with a private equity real estate firm and the world of commercial real estate investment opened before his eyes. As his career grew, Bennett became intrigued by self storage, having pivoted from strictly multifamil

Retail Design Trends for 2020 I Featured Article I Retailing Insight

Decisions about what merchandise to sell is an important component of gift shop ownership, but perhaps equally crucial is store design, followed by product placement. After all, shop owners are storytellers, and the goal should be to convey that story in an understandable and memorable way. Joanne Rossman is the owner of a gift shop of the same name, with the tagline: purveyor of the unnecessary and irresistible. The Roslindale, Massachusetts business is in a cozy 405-square-foot Victorian stor

Options Abound for Elevating Drivers’ Health and Wellness

Health and fitness coach Siphiwe Baleka works through the 4 Minute Fit technique with a client. His company, Fitness Trucking, offers driver health and fitness programs, the most popular being the 13 Week Program. (Courtesy of Siphiwe Baleka) [Stay on top of transportation news: Get TTNews in your inbox.] In the three years that Christopher Bundock has worked for Prime Inc. as a truck driver, he has gained close to 100 pounds. And he’s not alone. When sitting behind the wheel for long stretc

Fallen soldier comes home

Seventy-five years after he disappeared and was presumed dead, Army 1st Lt. Herschel H. Mattes of Squirrel Hill was finally given a proper military burial in Connecticut, where his 92-year-old sister, Estelle Sherry, resides. In 1942, Mattes enlisted as a soldier in World War II and was a pilot with the 525th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, 86th Fighter-Bomber Group. “The last time I saw him was after he finished flight school; he had a short leave before he went overseas,” said Sherry. Get The Jewi
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