Home remodel preserves a legacy

It’s the 1920s outside, but the 21st century inside. Jim Walters and David Sharpe, the owners of this neoclassical home along Bayshore Boulevard in the stately Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa, were careful to respect the historical significance of the house they purchased and extensively renovated seven years ago. The home was built by one of the Maas Brothers, a member of Tampa’s department store dynasty family. Jim and David are only the sixth or seventh owners.

My secret bat mitzvah project

I’d been keeping a secret from my daughter. In 2016, for a nine-month period, I had been working on a project that, had this been a CIA operation, would have been designated as highly classified, top secret and I’d-tell-you-but-then-I’d-have-to kill-you. The project involved covert communications by email and letter, creating hidden file folders on the family computer and your basic espionage. Finally, though, the day was here: Oct. 22, 2016. Sure, it was my daughter’s long-awaited bat mitzva

Kitchen remodel is a happy place

With the help of kitchen designer Brooke Eversoll, CMKBD, owner of Bee Studios, Inc. in St. Petersburg, and Erin Lindsey, co-owner of Lindross Remodeling in Oldsmar, the new kitchen is a bright functional space with classic details and unique rustic elements. The designer captured almost 200 square feet of additional space by taking over a guest bedroom off the end of the kitchen, which Gina had been using as her art studio. The new kitchen measures a spacious 417 square feet, large enough to a

Jewish Hearts for Pittsburgh Remind All that Love Wins | North Hills Monthly

Pittsburgh as we knew it was forever changed on Oct. 27, 2018 when a gunman killed 11 innocent people as they were worshiping at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill. Our city was suddenly thrust into the national spotlight. Although Pittsburgh lost so many lives and shed so many tears on that fateful day, if there is to be a silver lining, it is that the senseless tragedy reverberated around the world, bringing love, support, prayers and fundraising efforts from all religious denominati

Reviewer Hilary Daninhirsch Interviews Lisa Kohn, Author of To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence

Cults. Not much good to say about ’em. But the reason religious organizations like Scientology, Branch Davidians, Children of God, and The Unification Church have attracted followers throughout history is because they offered the promise of something rewarding, meaningful, soul satisfying. And, to some extent, those dangerous orgs delivered on that promise. But after a honeymoon period, for most cult members there seems to be an inevitable “waking up” and subsequent escape from the clutches of t

Printing as Art at the Carnegie International

When you’re reading your favorite publication (The Strip! magazine, of course), do you ever wonder how the magazine is printed, or more specifically, how the words end up on the page? The magazine you are now reading would not exist without the dependable, high-quality service of Knepper Press. “Knepper Press is one of the oldest printing companies in the country; it has been in the same family for five generations, since 1873,” says Ted Ford, co-owner and CEO. The 200-employee company is one

Addressing Stress

Lifestyle changes and supplements can help patients alleviate day-to-day or chronic stress. Stress is an inescapable, inevitable part of life. Our bodies are equipped to handle a modicum of stress. In fact, some amount of stress it is integral to our survival. Stress is not all bad if it is managed properly. “Without stress, there would be no impetus to move, change and transform. Additionally, acute stress responses in response to danger can be life saving. So the question is when does ‘stres

New book offers wisdom from a braided loaf

What does baking challah have in common with life? How does it relate to medical wisdom? How can the process of baking challah be transformative? Dr. Beth Ricanati, a Los Angeles-based internist who specializes in women’s health and wellness, explores answers to those questions and more in her delightful food memoir, “Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs.” Over the years, Ricanati, a mother of three, has baked a homemade challah every Friday for her family. Sometimes she bakes alone; othe

Butler County Barn Trail | Where & When

Driving along the Butler County Barn Trail is not a typical activity for this suburban Pittsburgh mom.  When I get in the car, invariably it is to chauffeur my kids between activities and friends' houses.  Rarely do I get a chance to drive for the pure pleasure of taking in the scenery. The self-guided Butler County Barn Trail was the perfect escape. Meandering through the countryside with a friend, we marveled that the busy city was only a few miles south of our destination. How was this po

Fashion Forward – Gift Shop Magazine

Unique apparel and accessories can make a small shop a destination for a fashionistas The owners of the eclectic Y & I Clothing Boutique in San Francisco not only fill their brick-and-mortar store with the latest trends in fashion and accessories, but they affiliate with Shoptiques, an online resource that gives small boutiques the opportunity to sell their wares to a worldwide market. “We run our entire online platform with Shoptiques,” owner Robin Boesch said. “We’ve been with them since they

Celebrating earth’s bounty in the heartland

It’s a pretty memorable occasion to host a James Beard Foundation celebrity chef dinner. Even more extraordinary is to do it on the opening night of a new restaurant. That is what happened in March when Michael and Tara Gallina opened Vicia in St. Louis, their new vegetable-forward concept. The Beard dinner had originally been scheduled for what they thought would be months after the launch, but construction delays pushed their projected opening date back.

Taking a Break at the Lake

When you live in a state with the nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” there’s a good chance you will opt for a lakefront vacation home. A family in Windom, Minn., custom built their 1,900-sq.-ft. home in 2015.  They spend most summers at the lake and wanted a spacious enough kitchen to accommodate their family of eight. View a gallery of this project here Designer Chelsey Preuss, who at the time worked for Minnesota Cabinets, helped create a kitchen that blends rustic and contemporary elements. T

Custom ranch home a natural fit

Set on a secluded, 35-acre wooded lot, the modern home is intended to integrate the outdoors, both from an architectural and an interior design standpoint. Windows highlight virtually every room, except the powder room. “One of the key organizers for how we arranged the house with the site was a very linear form running east to west, which optimizes daylight and views from the house,” says architect Robert Gaskill, owner of Gaskill Architecture, who spearheaded the project. The exterior of
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